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The digital platform helping community banks and financial institutions to compete by delivering faster access to capital and digital products that meet the needs of their small business customers.

Banking Solutions

Empower your clients with a modern financial management interface that delivers CFO level insights, custom lending and financial solutions

 70% of SMBs want their banks to offer digital solutions to help them grow, and are willing to share data to do it. Become a trusted advisor and meet them where they are:

1. Launch fast with your brand on our pre-built solution

2. Use our APIs and integrate into your current mobile bank or client portal

Lending Solutions

Less Risk. Less Paperwork. More Time Spent Helping SMBs grow with the Right Financing When They Need It

Our platform gives you access in real-time to financial data from your customers that allows you to offer them lending solutions tailored to their profile and recorded behavior—while dramatically reducing risk when making a credit decision. Bypass time-consuming manual paperwork and focus more on helping them succeed.

Our Values

We can imagine possibilities that reach beyond the scope of any one person to benefit all of society. Characterized by great imagination, insight and boldness, we think in systems and can synthesize multiple data points. We are humble, acknowledging the gift of foresight as given rather than owned. We are community first and we dare to imagine what could be if we all worked on behalf of the greater good.

Why you’ll work with us

Higher Growth, Lower Costs

Achieve higher growth rates for your business with lower costs tied to your financial services

Accurate Real-Time Data

Get instant access to accurate real-time to profile customers and make instant and safer decisions.

Flexible solutions

Use our pre-built APIs, white label interface, or low-code license options


Your clients give access and we do the rest

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